eBook: The Psychology of Marketing + Bonus Material


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The idea of using psychology as a way to persuade customers to buy from you seems abhorrent to many people. They hate the idea that they might be manipulating customers. But much of that thinking stems from traditional tactics used by unethical advertisers. There are still those who think they can use secret tricks to get people to make a purchasing decision.

In reality, any ‘tricks’ used will hurt your business in the long run, and won’t build the type of lasting relationships that are the foundation of successful businesses. The truth is that psychology is just a science that helps you understand how your customers are thinking. When you can connect with your target market on a deeper, emotional level, you’ll be better able to reach them and help them.

In this ebook, you’re going to learn a great deal about psychology and how it’s used in marketing. If you can understand what your customers are thinking at each stage of the buying process, then you can more successfully connect with them and provide them with the information they need.


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