eBook: Passion and Purpose



Passion is more than dreams of great things and following your bliss. It is energy. Passion requires reserves of energy that are replenished as you feed your dreams through accomplishments. That feeling of power, drive, energy, and borderline obsession required to achieve your dreams is passion.

A psychologist once related that, during both of her pregnancies, she lost all her creative energy. The conclusion she drew from this was that for her, there was a limited amount of energy reserves. During the time her body was creating and sustaining another life, she did not have enough energy to create anything more.

Considering the quotes noted previously with references to passion as energy and soul fuel, her thinking makes sense. Passion is energy – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Perhaps passion is even social when working in groups or sharing your passion with others.

In the case of social energy, we are fueled by both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards of our progress, success, accomplishments. The passion is continuously sparked, and reserves are replenished, through these processes. The drive – and need – to continue to reach toward our goal is reinforced.

Let’s look at this in greater detail.


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