Course: Turn Prospects Into Clients



One of the key definitions of a business is making a healthy, sustainable profit. After all, if you only just cover your costs, or even lose money, then you don’t have a business – you have an expensive hobby. And if you’re making only a small profit that doesn’t meet your own needs, then you’re never going to feel satisfied with your business.

In order to make the level of profit you desire, you need enough people to buy what you’re offering, and that involves selling. For many small business owners or “solo-preneurs”, the idea of selling is uncomfortable. They equate it with being pushy and using ‘hard sell’ techniques. They shy away from it and try to play it safe with low ticket products or services that are easy to convert.

While this thinking is understandable, especially if the product is you, it will never get your business to the next level. So how can you make the sales you need without sounding like a used-car salesman? How can you provide the service your clients want while staying true to yourself?

In this course, we’ll answer those questions and more. You’ll learn the powerful skills of selling in a ‘non-sales’ way so that it’s a natural step for clients to say “yes” to your offers. You’ll conquer your fears about selling and you’ll create a system that puts your sales process on autopilot.

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