Course: Social Proof Strategies



“Social Proof” is one of the many strategies and techniques that marketers rely on to win you over and convince you that their product is worth your hard-earned cash. It taps into a basic human characteristic – the need to be like others. In our desire to conform, we often succumb and buy whatever marketers have to offer.

But wait a minute – Is social proof a sneaky trick or is it something that’s essentially human and all-pervasive?

Social proof is ubiquitous and it’s part of everyone’s life. It’s a keystone of any marketing strategy and it’s a technique you should be incorporating in your plans.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • What types of social proof are available to use and for which situations they’re appropriate
  • How to decide what types of social proof would work best for your offering
  • Methods for gaining social proof from customers that you can use in your marketing or advertising
  • How to create effective and impressive testimonials
  • Other methods beyond testimonials to convey social proof to your audience
  • “User-generated proof,” which allows you to continuously gather social proof on autopilot
  • How to harness the power of reviews
  • How to use the social proof you’ve gathered and start reaping the benefits today
  • Ways to organize your social proof gathering and publishing so that it’s ongoing.



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