Course: Comfort Zone



Growth is something all people strive for, both in their personal and professional lives. In business, growth leads to new ideas and opportunities. To make progress, you need to depart from the status quo and take risks that push your limits – but for most, that’s easier said than done. Your comfort zone is where you feel safe and secure, so leaving it can be terrifying. However, outside of that zone is where true growth occurs. In this report, you will learn how to step outside of your comfort zone and foster the “change mindset” in yourself and your team.

How do you step out of your comfort zone and face challenges? You do it by shifting your mindset to turn that terrifying task into a challenge and a learning experience. You do it step-by-step by adding it gradually into your daily routine. You do it by learning strategies to help overcome fear and embrace change. The end result is a whole new potential for growth.

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • This course is broken down into 4 modules to take you step-by-step through stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • The modules follow a logical order, so while you can skip around if you want, it’s best to work through them one at a time.
  • As you go through each module, use your Action Guide to help you complete the Action Steps at the end of each.

Now that you’re clear about what you want this course to deliver, we can get started!.


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