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Real Estate Tenants: Blockbuster Initial Meetings: Stepping Off Right

With physical challenges, players and participants must step off correctly if they want a chance of winning. Whether high-divers, sprint runners, or gymnasts, that first step can mean the difference between first place and last. The same is true of working with real...

Real Estate Agent: Why a Company Manual Is your Best Friend

Have you ever looked inside your company manual? Of course, when you begin working as a real estate agent at a real estate agency, you get a copy of the manual to read and follow. However, many real estate agents never look at it much, or if they do, they don't fully...

Real Estate Agent: Preparing to Work with Tenants: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

As a real estate agent, once you decide you will be working with tenants, you need to prepare yourself. This preparation has a social aspect and a learning challenge. What’s more, you must begin outreach. Here’s how you start learning real estate skills for tenants...

Building Real Estate Agent Skills: Gaining Landlord Clients from the First Call

Knowing what to do on the first contact with a landlord takes some thought and some mentorship. After all, when working with real estate landlords, you go beyond what you learned in real estate school. Now, you must continue your real estate agent training to learn...

Honing Your Real Estate Agent Skills as a Sellers Agent: Boost Your CMA Smarts

Acting as a seller's real estate agent can be a rewarding experience – both professionally and financially. One thing you absolutely must know inside and out is the CMA. The Comparative Market Analysis is so essential that you should make it a habit to create one...

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