Realtor education provides you with the realtor skills and knowledge that you need for all the tasks you do in your real estate career. Of course, real estate agent training begins in real estate school before you even get your real estate license. However, to reach long-term success and fulfillment, you need to continue learning real estate through all the levels of experience and understanding.


After completing your initial real estate training and courses and getting your real estate license, you are ready for real-world experience. At this point, you find yourself at level one as an apprentice. An apprentice is someone who learns from someone who has more experience. With their guidance, you can learn to put the theoretical concepts you learned in your real estate courses into practice.

At this stage, you are learning by doing. You may be given small tasks at first, but they are all critical. These tasks help you learn more about the real estate industry and contribute to the success of your business.

Because your tasks as an apprentice are relatively simple, you can easily have one success after another. Over time, your confidence grows. Simultaneously, you are developing and refining your realtor skills. Plus, if you ever have any questions or concerns about your tasks, you can rely on the more experienced real estate agents to teach you what you need to know.

What should you focus on as a real estate apprentice? Set your goal to reach the next level but be patient. It is more important to concentrate on learning the basic realtor skills you require. Take the initiative to learn even more than you are required to learn. In short, build the foundation that will prepare you for the more complex tasks you will encounter later.


When you reach the practitioner level, you may feel like you are a true real estate expert. At this level, you are actively engaged in working with real estate sellers and buyers. Your days include real estate farming, prospecting, and all the tasks involved in real estate jobs.

Now, you know how to do all the basic tasks without any help. You understand how to serve your clients. You do not hesitate to take on responsibilities, and you follow through to complete them. You need little, if any, supervision.

Besides your activities of finding and serving customers, you have a deeper understanding of running your real estate business. Your business plan is well thought out, and you are creating strategies to grow your business month by month.

It is easy to find yourself neglecting your real estate training when you are a practitioner. After all, you know the basics and how to manage more complex situations. The problem with that mindset is that it keeps you stuck at your current experience level. Rather than seeking to learn more every day, you are settling for what you already know. When that happens, you lead yourself into a dead-end career.

Instead, open your mind to new learning opportunities. Expand your horizons so that even the most difficult tasks become easily manageable. As you hold onto the learning mindset, you polish your skills, accomplish your goals, and reach the next level of experience to be a true real estate master.


Eventually, if you continue to learn and grow as a realtor, you will reach the level of master. A master, real estate agent has extensive proficiency and expertise in nearly every aspect of real estate. They are also the most qualified to teach apprentices and counsel practitioners facing difficult situations. They are leaders in their businesses and their communities. A master has the highest level of experience as a real estate agent.

However, that does not mean that a master never needs to learn more than they already know. Continuing to learn, even as a master, has many benefits.

·       Keep up with new happenings in the real estate industry.

·       Stay interested in real estate by discovering new and exciting ideas and methods.

·       Continue to refine your skills to become an even better real estate professional.

·       Overcome over-confidence.

·       Gain financial independence.

One thing that sometimes happens to masters is that they become concerned about failing. At this point, people expect them to never make mistakes or unwise choices. Fortunately, masters can overcome this problem if they learn and develop as a realtor. The ongoing focus on learning keeps their skills sharp and confidence high as they move towards financial independence.

Life-Long Learning Is the Key to Mastery

This continuous learning mindset is an essential part of building a successful real estate business. When you make learning a life-long pursuit, your business will thrive, and you will enjoy it more, too.

If you would like to facilitate your climb from apprentice to practitioner to master, you can focus on learning. One option is to take online real estate courses, such as the Roadmap to Success Foundation course. This course will teach you to develop the right mindset, habits, skills, and systems to succeed in your real estate business.