Have you ever wondered how top producers in real estate agents got where they are? What are their secrets for real estate prospecting? What makes them so unique? One thing is sure. They didn’t get there by waiting for success to come to them by sitting at their desk. Instead, they took action. In fact, they likely took Massive Action. What is that? Here’s a look at the Action Pyramid and how to put it into practice.

The Action Pyramid

The Action Pyramid is a tool to help you visualize the levels of action you could take. Like any pyramid, it starts with a broad base, where most real estate agents fall. At the top is the smallest section, where only the top producers operate.


Inaction is at the bottom of the Action Pyramid. People who stay in this mode do nothing much. They do nothing to reach their goals. In fact, they really don’t think in terms of goals. They are simply waiting, wishing, and hoping that success will drop on their door like an unexpected gift. In short, they are putting in their time and nothing more. In fact, they may do nothing to engage in real estate prospecting.


Retrieve is the next step up on the pyramid. At this level, you do only what circumstances push you to do. You do very little unless you feel you have no other choice.

Normal to Average

If you are in the Normal or Average range of the Action Pyramid, you do take some action. Perhaps you read a book on real estate every year. You work about 37.5 hours a week, doing what you feel is required. You go by the market flow and wait for things to happen. You don’t think about how your actions create your results, so you don’t take responsibility for not being a high achiever. You say, “Hey, it’s not my fault! I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.” As a result, you earn 316 times less than those top real estate producers.

Massive Action

The key to getting massive results in real estate prospecting is to climb to the top of the pyramid and take Massive Action. You read 4-5 books a month, and you work long hours when it gives you an edge on success. A Realtor who takes Massive Action earns 316 times what the average real estate agent makes. Does that sound like something you would like to do? Here’s what you need to know.

What You Need to Know about Massive Action

It’s hard to take Massive Action if you don’t have the right mindset. To get your head in the right place, consider the following facts.

No Shortage of Success

You may look at the top real estate agents and think that there’s no room for you at the top. Put that thought out of your mind. The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether others are successful. You can achieve the same level of success as they do, but only if you take Massive Action.

Little Efforts Bring Little Results

Do you want to get Massive Results just as the top earners do? Then, take Massive Action! It’s the only way to succeed.

Go Beyond Competition to Dominate

Don’t be satisfied with staying on par with your competitors. Instead, run your race to win. Race to the front, where victory is waiting for you.

Don’t Be Fair – Be Ethical.

You should always be ethical in the way you conduct your real estate prospecting and other real estate jobs. Follow the NAR Code of Ethics. Never stray from the Fair Housing Act rules. Be kind and follow the Golden Rule.

However, don’t worry that taking Massive Action and succeeding in your own real estate career is unfair to other agents. They may think it is unfair, but they are wrong. If they took Massive Action as you do, they would get Massive Results.

How to Get Ahead of the Competition

So, what kinds of Massive Action should you take? In Roadmap to Success: Prospecting, you can learn about the many ways you can put Massive Action into practice in your real estate prospecting. Here is an overview of some things you can do to stay ahead in the competitive arena of real estate. Start by reflecting on the following question and answers.

How do I stay ahead of the completion as a real estate agent?

–          Consider continued education your top priority.

–          Go to your company and mentor for support.

–          Learn and practice your negotiation techniques

–          Manage your time well

–          Study and practice handling objections

Learning real estate goes far beyond your initial real estate agent training. It even goes beyond getting your real estate license. You need to stay in continuous education mode always. Watch YouTube videos about real estate prospecting. Take an in-person Realtor course or online real estate courses. Read books about real estate regularly. Explore information about your local real estate market. Then, take Massive Action to practice the valuable insights you have gained. Then, you will get the Massive Results that boost you to the top of the real estate profession.