Have you taken the time to consider what buyers want from you as their real estate agent? Indeed, you can help buyers as they begin their home search and work their way through the transaction. You can help them avoid mistakes and get the best outcomes. Yet, the reality is that buyers don’t have to work with a realtor. So, it’s essential to be aware of what buyers want and need from you to provide the services that matter most to them. Here are some of the specific things that buyers want.

An Expert to Guide Them

Buyers who work with a buyers’ agent do so partly because they know your expertise can help them complete the purchase in the best possible way. Of course, they are correct, but what exactly do they want to help them accomplish.

Find the Right Home

First, you can help them sort out and prioritize their goals. Buyers can find great homes by looking on social media, checking out ads, and even driving through their neighborhood. However, without your expert guidance, they may not be able to find the right home to meet their unique needs and preferences. You do this by asking the right questions and searching through the MLS for homes that match what they want and need.

Take Care of the Negotiations

Later, they will want someone to negotiate the terms of the sale. Most people do not know how to deal with or do not feel comfortable with the process. So, they count on their buyers’ agent to manage this.

Inform Them on Pricing Issues

Your knowledge of the real estate market also benefits real estate buyers. They count on your expertise for information about what a property should reasonably sell for in the local market. With the Comparable Market Analysis you provide them, they can get a clearer view of the pricing issue when contemplating real estate for sale.

Give Practical Advice and Emotional Support

While working with real estate buyers, they will expect you to help them arrange their financing, complete all the necessary paperwork, and explain how real estate transactions work here and now. In addition, they want you to treat them ethically throughout the process. You can also give them emotional support as they cope with the ups and downs.

Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

Most of all, real estate buyers want their home purchase to be a good experience. They don’t want to walk away from it, regretting the process or the outcome. By providing them with the best service possible, you give them the most comfortable process and satisfying results.

What Buyers Wish to Gain from the Purchase

You may be thinking that what buyers want from purchasing real estate for sale is simply to have a place to live. After all, it is usually much more comfortable to reside in a home of their own, where they can make their own rules and decorate as they please. A house also offers them a more stable living situation and a more remarkable ability to participate in the local community.

However, they may want many more advantages. They may be looking for tax breaks or to gain assets as their property appreciates in value. They may want to build equity to use in whatever way they choose in the future. Their equity can bring them a built-in savings plan. What’s more, if they stay long enough to pay it off, they will reduce their housing costs significantly.

What Real Estate Buyers Look for in Real Estate Agents

While buyers want many things from an agent once the process starts, they won’t choose you in the first place unless you present yourself well. To do so, you need to give them information about your qualifications and why they matter. Highlight the following facts and explain how they will enable you to help them accomplish their goals.

·       The types of experience you have had as a real estate agent.

·       That you are a full-time agent

·       The designations and certifications you earned above and beyond your real estate license that you gained through continued real estate agent training

·       Your business philosophy

·       Your recent track record

·       Your specific pricing results

·       Whether you represent only buyers or also work with sellers

·       How you and they will communicate

·       Social proof, including references from past customers

·       Your agency relationship and how it will impact your services to them

Before you begin pointing out why they should choose you, take some time to ask questions and listen to what they say. When you are more aware of what they need, want, and expect from their real estate agent, you will be better prepared to show them how you are the right agent for them as unique individuals. Then, talk to your real estate buyers about the reasons to choose you.

You can learn much more about what buyers want and how to serve them through reading, taking online real estate courses, and engaging in other types of real estate agent training. The Roadmap to Success Buyers course covers all these and many other topics. Take this realtor course to learn more about becoming a real estate agent that buyers turn to for help in purchasing a home.

When you truly understand what real estate buyers want, you will understand more about presenting yourself. Even better, you will be able to provide them with an outstanding customer experience that inspires them to refer their friends and family to you.